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Embracing Change!!!!!

 “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” ~ Mary Oliver


We are moving this week from a house where we have lived for 28 years! My husband, Bub, is not a happy camper! Change is not a word that makes him smile. EVER! But he is coming around (after 2 months of discussions) because the outcome is really pretty wonderful.

Here’s our new view that backs 500 acres of State Park and State Land! Bub and I had a dream for retirement. We own 40 acres, that we have paid off over the last 25 years, where we were going to build our final house. That land is also surrounded by State and Federal land, but right now electricity is 2 miles away. Building a house there hasn’t seemed like it could be a reality anymore and we hadn't quite let go of it. This new house is on 5 acres has a wonderful southwestern style 4 BR home and fits most of our the criteria of our original dream

But Bub has 20+ vehicles and lots of stuff collected over the last 20 years out on the land. And, the thought of the work involved in moving from a house with 28 years of possessions and abandoning the dream for the land has been difficult to imagine. Yet here we are in the midst of it! I am grateful that we have the luxury of owning both homes now which allows us to move in stages. First we have moved the furniture and moved in. We are sorting through carefully possessions.

In moving, I am asking myself these 3 questions before packing something:

  • Do I love it?
  • Do I need it?
  • Does it add to the quality of my life?
A lot of things will be given away. I even found much to throw away! Do I really need a $2000 training set of manuals and CD's on how to sell real estate from the 90's?

Embracing Change rarely is a first response, I have found. Have you ever had a dream, realized it was getting harder and harder to make it a reality... but held firm because it is what you’ve said you’ve wanted all this time?

When does changing course make sense, and what happens when you are in a partnership where one person is REALLY change resistant? As you can imagine, it’s been an interesting few months at my house working through these questions.

I have come to understand that:

  • Changing course doesn’t mean you are a failure 
  • Changing course is a hard thing to do 
  • Changing course is easier if you look at the end result rather than the course initially developed to get there. There is usually more than one road that will lead you there! 
  • Change is often very hard, but that doesn’t mean it won’t take you someplace better 

In today’s markets, most of us have had to change the way we do things. We’ve had to abandon what used to work or look like the best choice for new and unknown ways of doing things.

The people who are thriving are the people who have been willing to make changes even when it is hard, uncertain and scary. What I do know, as a coach, is that the people who are most willing to stand in their situation today and inquire “Now what?” are the ones who are thriving. Do you need to give up an old way of doing things and replace it with “Plan B”?

 “In times of rapid change, experience is your worst enemy.” ~ John Paul Getty

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