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5 Tips For Survival


Did you watch the rescue of the Chilean miners? Talk about inspiration!! And we think we have challenges! In a story on CNN, the reporter said,  "Their story demands we re-evaluate foregone conclusions, that we find a purpose for hope no matter our despair."


So, how ARE you doing? In every presentation I make, I am asking “who is having their best year ever?” and, always, hands that go up. People are finding ways to survive and thrive right now -- often by seizing the opportunities that the current situation has given them. Is that you? I hope so! The good news, of course, is that in spite of the gloom and doom that is being promoted by the media, folks are still buying and selling. I know... not as many, but if some can have their best year ever… you can too!

When I talk with my coaching clients, I am reminded of how important it is to stay positive and creative. Agents tell me they don't want to call their sphere of influence and hear their pain. It is easy to buy into the plethora of excuses as to why today’s conditions are going to impact us negatively.

Each day is an opportunity to shift (thanks Gary Keller for your book Shift) and take advantage of what is (thanks Landmark Education for your course The Forum), so that we can Relax & Thrive (thanks www.Abraham-Hicks.com for your work on Attraction)!

So….. how does one thrive?

Here are five actions to help you thrive:

  • Redefine Your Niche Markets - Given today’s markets, who are the people who are buying & selling? What do they need? Take a good look at the your local market statistics. Take a good look at your strengths and passions. Where do these two intersect? If the market has a high percentage of short sales, investors, first time home buyers…. have you created compelling reasons why these buyers and sellers should choose you? Rethink your services and pay attention to what the busy agents are doing.
  • See The Opportunities - Choose three strong market segments and meet their needs better than anyone else. See beyond the traditional need of a consumer needing to buy or sell every seven years and look to how you can make the pie bigger.
    • Learn about using a Roth self-directed IRA and share that with clients who want amazing non-taxable income on their retirement money.
    • Put together 10 people to buy some investment properties.
    • Do property management.
    • Create a powerful lead generation system for the Internet leads
    • Who are the buyers in your market? Offer seminars and information to help them.
  • Educate Your Clients To their Options: Know What Plan B is for your clients - If, given their obligations, pricing their home to sell isn’t going to be successful, show your clients all of their options.
    • Are you really good at looking at the stats, including absorption rates and telling them the truth about the saleability of their home?
    • Can they do a loan remodification and stay in the home?
    • Can they rent it if they have to move? A frank talk may not be good news, but it will help them connect to reality.
    And, for those who won’t, a discussion about Plan B serves them for when they have to make a choice. Put together a handout to use on the listing appointment with their choices and resource information. An agent who can calmly and creatively help people is an agent who is going to be appreciated and to whom future business will be referred. Be very, very picky about which houses and which sellers you will put your good name on.
  • Hang out with positive people and positive messages - Your mental attitude each day is perhaps the most important tool you have to create a great business.
    • It’s a great time to take classes and get exposed to some new ideas and new ways of serving clients.
    • Read and Learn (Here’s a fr.ee Think and Grow Rich book)
    • Be radical!
    • Be the Purple Cow!
    • Get a coach!
  • Take Care of Yourself - It’s easier to feel positive when you feel good.

You have the ability at any moment under all circumstance to choose your attitude!


I hope you THRIVE this week! It IS up to YOU!!!!

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How are you going to THRIVE???? It IS up to YOU!




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